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FiberMax for Durability and Enhanced Crack Control Our unique FiberMax concrete mixes control shrinkage and cracking during the early and settlement stages, in a way steel reinforcements like wire mesh and rebar can't. By distributing reinforcing fibers throughout the mix, FiberMax offers extra support for the coarse aggregates in every cubic inch of placed concrete. This minimizes the segregation that leads to excessive bleed water, surface defects and curling.. The result is a strong, durable, cost-effective concrete solution.

Prairie's FiberMax line uses four different types of fibers for a range of applications. All FiberMax reinforced concrete improves permeability and abrasion resistance while eliminating more than 85% of the plastic shrinkage cracking potential and providing excellent finishing characteristics. Depending on the project, the proper fibers can even replace a multitude of traditional steel reinforcement configurations from light gauge welded wire fabric to various uses of rebar, reducing costs and production time while increasing crew safety.

FiberMax MonoFiberMax Mono FiberMax Mono uses ultra-thin synthetic fibers to prevent micro cracks, reducing plastic shrinkage by 70 to 85% and enhancing impact and abrasion resistance while providing excellent finishing qualities. FiberMax Mono is best used for residential, slab on grade projects, including driveways and walkways, patios and pool decks, and stamped and colored concrete. FiberMax Mono does not replace any steel reinforcement.

FiberMax FibrillatedFiberMax Fibillated FiberMax Fibrillated uses larger polypropylene fibers with additional micro fibrils attached to the primary strand that create more adhesion points and increase strength. FiberMax Fibrillated fibers offer an alternative to lightweight welded wire fabric which saves on construction costs and placement time while increasing crew safety and reducing long-term cracking. It's best used for residential flatwork and light-duty commercial floors, and is especially helpful for laser screed operations. Primary applications include patios, driveways, walkways, commercial floors, concrete toppings, stair pans, and basement floors.

FiberMax MacroFiberMax Macro FiberMax Macro uses heavy-duty synthetic fibers specifically engineered as secondary reinforcement to increase flexural toughness and shatter resistance. FiberMax Macro fibers offer an alternative to for all types of welded wire fabric, conventional light gauge steel reinforcement (#3 and #4) and steel fiber, depending on the application It speeds overall construction time and reduces labor and material costs while increasing worker safety, improving green and residual strength and eliminating rust. Ideal for heavy-duty industrial and warehouse floors and pavement applications including commercial slabs on grade, pavement, white topping, concrete overlays, and metal deck floor construction.

FiberMax Steel FiberMax Steel FiberMax Steel uses low carbon, cold-drawn wire fibers that provide maximum adhesion between the steel fiber and concrete to produce a more ductile reinforced concrete that provides a long-term load-carrying capacity. FiberMax Steel fibers can be used in lieu of all steel reinforcement for many applications. It speeds overall construction time and reduces labor and material costs while increasing worker safety, reducing long term cracking and, in some cases, reducing the concrete thickness required. Excellent for replacing primary reinforcement in foundations and other applications including wind generator foundations, airports and seaport pavements, industrial and commercial floors, basement walls, retaining walls and slope stabilization.
Proper dosing and engineering is required to meet the design requirements of any specific project.

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