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Redi-Fill is Prairie Material's patented and proprietary superior alternative to conventional backfill operations. Redi-Fill is a flowing mix that goes right from the truck into the void, working its way around pipes and other underground features in one continuous pour.

Our patented, proprietary mix offers a variety of features and benefits.

  • It flows. Redi-Fill goes right from the truck into the void, working its way around pipes and other underground features in one continuous pour.
  • Itís fast. This fill self-consolidates in just 20 minutes. You can pave or build on it the same day.
  • Itís strong. Redi-Fill delivers strengths of 4,000 to 5,000 pounds per square foot.
  • It lasts. Redi-Fill stays stable, even under constant stress. The City of Indianapolis found that 60% to 80% of street repairs using conventional backfill failed due to settling. After specifying Redi-Fill for all street repairs, the failure rate is now zero!
  • It saves time and money. Crews can backfill in minutes instead of days without the need for special compacting equipment. And workers donít have to get down in the hole. Less time and fewer steps mean big savings all around.
  • Itís diggable. Even after placement, you can put a shovel into Redi-Fill to make adjustments as needed. And color coding with Prairie Pure Color pigments can help crews quickly identify the types of services in the trench.
  • It works year-round. Redi-Fill can be placed even in sub-zero temperatures — and it gains strength evenly in all weather.

Redi-Fill can be used in a wide variety of repair and new construction applications. Here are some examples of how Redi-Fill solves problems, adds strength, and shaves days and dollars from key projects:
  • At world-famous Fermilab in Batavia, Illinois, Redi-Fill provided stability around complex pipe networks serving new buildings.
  • Nicor, the natural gas utility for northern Illinois, uses Redi-Fill to reopen streets within a day after emergency repairs to gas lines.
  • The Indianapolis Water Company uses nearly 20,000 yards of Redi-Fill annually, relying on it for every job requiring backfill under pavement.
  • The City of Chicago has approved Redi-Fill as a backfill specification for a host of street repairs. The city has already stabilized miles of vaulted sidewalks with Redi-Fill.
  • Over 100,000 yards of Redi-Fill were used to anchor pipes installed deep under runways at the Indianapolis International Airport.
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