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The use of pervious concrete is one of the most innovative trends in sustainable construction. Prairie’s StormHandler pervious concrete is a sand-free proprietary mix of cementitious materials, coarse aggregates (gravel and crushed stone) and water that creates a finished concrete with a matrix of 15-25% air voids throughout. These gaps allow water to pass directly through the pavement and into the soil or a recharge base rather than collecting on or running off the surface. The voids also trap and filter pollutants like heavy metals, suspended solids and petroleum products preventing them from running off into storm sewers, rivers and lakes.

StormHandler has the same natural water management characteristics as grass and other ground covers helping to channel water to surrounding vegetation, promote tree growth, and replenish the water tables and aquifers. StormHandler can pass 3 to 5 gallons of water per minute for each square foot of surface area – more than 200 inches per hour, far greater than most rain events.

Reasons to Use StormHandlerSpecifying StormHandler can be advantageous to the owner/developer in a number of ways:
  • Meets federal and local clean water regulations. The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency has recognized pervious concrete as a Best Management Practice (BMP) for meeting its requirements.
  • Reduces costs. Pervious concrete can reduce or eliminate construction and maintenance costs for drainage systems and retention ponds, sewer tie-ins and parking lot grading. Its 20 – 40 year life span reduces long term costs, as well.
  • Provides better land management. The use of pervious concrete parking lots allows the land ordinarily reserved for stormwater management or compliance with maximum impervious area ordinances to be developed or preserved.
  • Helps gain green building LEED credits. Using StormHandler pervious concrete may help a project gain valuable LEED credits, for stormwater management (LEED credit 6), reducing the heat island effect (credit SS7), minimizing site disturbance (credit SS 5) and recycled content (credit M4).
Typical ApplicationsThe most common use of pervious concrete is for parking lots. But pervious concrete can also be colored to fit streetscape and decorative or architectural designs. Designers and engineers are specifying pervious concrete for a surprising number of other applications including:
  • Low-volume roads, alleys, and driveways
  • Sidewalks, patios and pathways
  • Swimming pool decks and tennis courts
  • Underlayment for playground equipment and turf fields at schools, parks and stadiums
  • Pavement edge drains and pervious strips
  • Foundations/floors for greenhouses, fish hatcheries, aquatic amusement centers, and zoos

StormHandler is the result of years of testing and refining pervious concrete for our local climate. When installed by certified professionals and properly maintained, StormHandler pervious concrete should yield decades of quality usability. Looking to add pervious concrete to your next project? Contact our StormHandler Specialists for more information and expert design services.

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