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December 2012 Employee Incentive Program Winners!!!
A Big Thanks and Congratulations to:
Larry Schulz- Yd #6 Romeoville, IL
Tim Stran - Yd #135 Batavia, IL
Bob Alberti - Yd #135 Batavia, IL
Bob Provancher Jr. - Yd #135 Batavia, IL
Tim Magurany - Yd #1 Bridgeview, IL
Patrick Nelson - Yd #1 Bridgeview, IL
Alexander Demetzensky II - Yd #19 E. Dundee, IL
Kerry Pardridge - Yd #135 Batavia, IL
Gordon Accetturo- Yd #15 Hazelcrest, IL
Jose Guzman - Yd #1 Bridgeview, IL
Each Winner will receive a $100 Visa gift card!

We had a great year and many thanks go out to those that participated in the Employee Incentive Program in 2012. We look forward to your entries in 2013. And donít forget if you donít enter then you donít win!

Incentive Program Worksheets are available at your home locations. If you donít have any available please contact the sales department at 708-563-3425 and we will make sure that they are sent out.

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