Dedicated to Sustainable Construction

We have the products and expertise to help you and your business to build green.

​​​​​Sustainable development is an attempt to balance the construction needs of an increasing population with the earth's capacity to meet them – to build in a way that will not deplete the earth's limited resources. Concrete's durability, versatility and energy performance makes it a responsible choice for sustainable development.

Concrete's durability is a significant sustainable attribute. Since it will not rust, rot, or burn, concrete requires less energy and resources over time to repair or replace. Structures built with concrete have optimal energy performance for heating and cooling. Additionally, concrete is easy to use and form, produces little waste and can be efficiently recycled.

Prairie also follows sustainable practices​​ in the way we do business. We comply with all local and federal environmental rules and train our employees to follow responsible environmental principles. Our environmental policy demonstrates our commitment to sustainable business practices.

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